Scaphold comes full circle with a comprehensive analytics dashboard so you can always get the latest updates on the performance, growth, and usage of your app in production.

Name Description
Request Counts Total number of requests broken down by hour
Average Response Time Measures latency (in seconds) in your API broken down by hour
User Growth Tracks the number of new users that are signing up for your app
Data Throughput Amount of data (in MB) that's being transmitted over the wire to your client apps
Resolvers by Type Sorts your GraphQL requests by the associated type to help break down which part of your API is being used the most
Error Counts Total number of errors broken down by hour
Application Logs Table of all the latest logs for your API

Our goal is to give you as much transparency as we can into your GraphQL API, so you can make the best app possible. Please email us at support@scaphold.io if you have any requests for metrics you would like to see that would help you better measure and analyze the success of your app.