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What can I build?

Whether you're building a mobile or web app, we've got you covered. Scaphold will help you through every level of the development process. Use our schema designer to structure your data, GraphiQL to prototype your queries and export them directly into your client applications, monitor your application in our dashboard, and integrate popular services to extend your API.

Can I trust Scaphold when a service like Parse shutdown?

YES! We are Ycombinator backed company and are going strong! To help ease your mind, it is important to note that Facebook shut down Parse because it no longer fit in with their core strategy. There is a still a need for powerful BaaS products and we are here to bring you one.

In the extremely unlikely event that we do shut down then you still don't need to worry! GraphQL is a 100% open spec and you have the freedom to build a GraphQL API just like the ones we expose to you! You might lose some of the bells and whistles such as our seamless integrations but your business will survive and your client application code will remain the same!

How do we compare with other BaaS products?

We think GraphQL is the best way to build apps. It's that simple. There are other existing services like Firebase and Kinvey but they suffer from the same problems that have been plaguing BaaS solutions for years. This means vendor lock-in, complicated REST APIs, limited SDKs, and lack of flexibility. Scaphold turns this around and presents you with a standardized, extensible, and flexible GraphQL backend that can fit all kinds of application needs. Our GraphQL API releases you from vendor lock-in, provides you with API that anyone can understand, exposes a richer query language, and allows you to extend your APIs functionality with our many integrations. On top of all of this, our pricing model is the best in the industry so you can squeeze as much out of every dollar as possible!

What is our SLA?

Although we do not currently expose a standard SLA, our services run on a distributed cluster that was designed to prevent a single point of failure from bringing down our services. In the unlikely event that our services do go down for a time, we have systems working around the clock that will let us know so we can quickly fix the problem. You can trust that we are doing everything we can to provide the best possible experience for our clients and will continually push for 6 nines.

Who is using GraphQL?

The biggest proponent of GraphQL by far is Facebook. They designed GraphQL to solve many of the problems that they experienced when building many of their web and mobile products and they are using the technology to power more and more of their products. It's not just Facebook however! Companies like Twitter, Meteor, and Kadira are also using GraphQL heavily and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

How do I get support?

It's our goal to make your life as a developer as easy as possible and that means haveing great customer support. The best way to get support is either using the Intercom chat bubble on this page or to join us on Slack at Scaphold Slack. Please feel free to contact us at any hour of the day and we will respond as soon as possible!


If you have other additions to this list that you'd like to add, feel free to contact us at our Slack channel. Message either @vince or @michael.

Look Out For...

  • More public GraphQL APIs
  • Relay 2.0!
  • GraphQL Subscriptions updates
  • Open source tooling released by companies that are using it internally
  • More mobile support