Use Scaphold's integration infrastructure to tie third-party services into your API. When you add an integration, we will automatically update your API with new functionality. Integrations range in purpose. Want notifications? Add iOS Push. Want payments? Integrate Stripe. Need social auth? Add it with Auth0. Our collection of integrations is always expanding so please let us know if you have any specific requests.

Integrations come in many shapes and sizes. Some integrations like Slack and Webhooks are powered by events in your API while others like Mailgun will expose their functionality by adding queries and mutations to your GraphQL API.

We've got some exciting new integrations coming out soon! Please let us know if you have any specific requests.

To understand how many of these integrations work in detail, and what new queries and mutations your API will have after enabling a particular integration, you can click on an integration panel in the Integrations Portal to find out.